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    Sapphire Components
    Product Information :


    Sapphire offers the highest strength, purity, and durability in aggressive process environments using NF3 and CF4 .Sapphire components provide long lifetimes, reduced particulation and increased uptime.
    Sapphire components used in a range of Semiconductor Equipment Applications:

    • Sapphire tubes– replacing quartz, sapphire plasma tubes have proven to be an enabling technology
    • Plasma injector nozzles – replacing ceramic and quartz, Sapphire Injectors proven to reduce particulation, increase time between PM’s, increased uptime, and reduced COO
    • Sapphire Chamber Windows – offering very long life and consistent transmission
    • Heater and Microwave windows – providing high transmission and long life
    • Sapphire Lift pins and guide/alignment pins – dramatically improves strength over quartz versions, with no erosion over time. Dramatic improvement in particle performance over ceramic versions.
    • Optical light guides and sensor probes – usable to temperatures above quartz devitrification limit, and in hostile chemical environments
    • Thermocouple protection sheaths – replacing quartz and silicon carbide (SiC) for multi point thermocouples used in horizontal and vertical furnaces.
    • Gas delivery/showerhead components – long life in aggressive plasma
    • Sapphire dummy wafers

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