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    Ruby Balls
    Product Information :


    Jewel balls are made of synthetic sapphire/ruby. They are largely used in heavily corrosive environment and optical fiber communication because of its anticorrosion, wearable and fine transmission characteristics.
    Jewel blind holed balls are used as insulated measure head on precise instruments.
    Diameter: F0.80 ~ F12.00mm(sapphire), Max deviation of diameter: ±0.00127
    Diameter: F0.60 ~ F8.00mm(ruby), Max deviation of diameter: ±0.00127
    Technical Index
    Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby (a-Al2O3)=99.99%
    Tolerance of Diameter: 0.00125mm
    Surface roughness: Rz0.1
    Roundness: 10Grade~50 Grade
    Surface quality S/D: 40/20


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