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    Polarization Beam Displacer/Compiner
    Product Information :

    Polarization Beam Displacer is used to separate an unpolarized beam into two orthogonally polarized output beams which are parallel to each other. The ordinary polarization transmits straight through while the extraordinary walks off from the ordinary beam. It can be used as polarizing Beamsplitter. Polarization beam displacer can also be used to combine two orthogonally polarized beam. The most widely used materials for Polarization Beam Displacer are Yttrium Vanadate (YVO4), a-BBO, Calcite and etc.

    Working Wavelength 350-4000nm
    YVO4, a-BBO, Calcite available
    Orthogonally Polarized Outputs, Outputs Parallel to Input
    High Extinction Ratio (>10^5)
    RoHS Compliant

    Dimension Tolerance ±0.1mm
    Parallelism <15 arc seconds
    Perpendicularity <15 arc minutes
    Flatensss <λ/8@632.8nm
    Transmitted Wavefront Distortion <λ/4@632.8nm
    Surface Quality 20/10 scratch and dig
    Clear Aperture >90%
    Coating Upon request

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