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    Low Order Waveplate
    Product Information :


    Low order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of several full waves, plus the desired fraction. This result in a single, physically robust component with desired performance. However, even small changed in wavelength or temperature will result in significant changes in the desired fractional retardance. Low Order Waveplates are much better than the multi-order waveplates because of its thinner thickness(less than 0.5mm), better temperature(38), wave length(1.5nm) and incidence angle(4.5) bandwidth and high damage threshold. These properties make it widely used in common applications.


    Thickness: 0.2~0.4 mm;

    High Damage Threshold;

    Better Temperature Bandwidth;

    Wide Wavelength Bandwidth;

    Low Cost.

    Material Crystal Quartz
    Dimension Tolerance +0.0,-0.2mm
    Wavefront Distortion λ/10@633nm
    Retardation Tolerance λ/500
    Surface Quality 20/10 Scratch/Dig
    AR Coating R<0.2% at center wavelength
    Wavelength Range 260nm~2900nm

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